Address at the four-party Cooperation Meeting

The Honorable Shahine Robinson, Minister of Labor and Social Security,

The Honorable Zavia Mayne, Minister of State, Ministry of Labor and Social Security,

Mrs Sancia Bennett Templer, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health,

Major General Antony Anderson, Commissioner of JCF,

Major General Rocky Meade, Chief of Defence Staff,

Mr Andrew Wynter, CEO of PICA,

Mrs Velma Ricketts Walker, CEO of JCA,

Representatives of Chinese communities,

Representatives of Chinese enterprises in Jamaica,

Ladies and gentlemen,

Good afternoon!

Today, we hold the Four-Party Cooperation Meeting co-sponsored by the Chinese Embassy, relevant authorities of Jamaican government, representative of Chinese communities and representatives of Chinese companies. It is a great event of special significance indeed. I would like to extend a warm welcome to all of you.

China and Jamaica are important partners of the Belt and Road Initiative and production capacity cooperation. China is the largest investor and the 3rd largest trading partner of Jamaica, and Jamaica is one of the beautiful destinations for Chinese tourists. Last month, President Xi Jinping declared China's new measures for further opening up to the outside world at the Bo'ao Forum for Asia. China’s further opening up will bring more opportunities and outcomes benefitting China and the rest of the world. We believe more Chinese companies and tourists will come to Jamaica for business or sightseeing which will contribute to economic growth, more job opportunities and income in Jamaica.

The relevant authorities of Jamaican government have done remarkable work in improving public order, safeguarding safety and security and providing assistance and services for Chinese nationals and Chinese companies in Jamaica. Two weeks ago, two brave police officers risked their lives to protect Chinese national. With their courage and professionalism, they contributed to the Sino-Jamaican friendship cemented with blood. All Jamaican friends like them deserve our highest respect and appreciation. I believe that our Jamaican friends will continue to make every effort in safeguarding the legitimate rights, personal security, property safety of Chinese nationals and companies and facilitating their business activities in Jamaica. I also believe that the Chinese companies will operate under the laws and regulations in Jamaica and make greater effort to protect environment and joint hands with the local people for a more integrated and supportive society. All of which would definitely raise the level of cooperation.

As the major platform for consular protection, the Four-Party Cooperation Meeting has been playing an important role in safeguarding the legitimate rights of Chinese nationals, enhancing mutual understanding, improving social security and business environment and promoting mutually beneficial cooperation. The mechanism aims at deepening friendship, maintaining security, promoting cooperation for a win-win scenario. I hope that the Four-Party Meeting mechanism will be further strengthened. I propose the coordinators of the Four-Party Meeting meet regularly, for example once a month. If no objection, please approve with your applause.

The Chinese Embassy in Jamaica will pursue the people-centered diplomacy and provide better consular protection in the new era. With the support of Jamaican government and friends, we will do our best to safeguard the safety, security and legitimate rights of Chinese enterprises and Chinese nationals in Jamaica, and to create harmonious environment for their investment and cooperation, visiting and sightseeing in Jamaica. Let's make full use of the Four-Party Meeting mechanism to promote the Friendly Partnership for Common Development between China and Jamaica.

Thank you all!

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