Adress by Chinese Ambassador to Jamaica TIAN Qi at Renaming Ceremony of the North South Highway

Masters of Ceremonies, Mrs Paula-Anne Porter and Mr Oliver Watt,

The Hon.Norma Walters, Custos Rotulorum of St.Ann, representing the Governor-General, the Most Honourable Sir Patrick Allen and Mr.Walters,

The Most Honourable Andrew Holness, Prime Minister and the Most Honourable Mrs Holness, 

The Most Honourable Edward Seaga, Former Prime Minister and the Most Honourable Mrs Seaga,

Members of the Cabinet,

Ministers of State,

Members fo the Diplomatic Corps,

Members of the Senate and Members of the House of Parliment, Permanent Secretaries,

Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen, Good morning!


It is my great honor to be here, witnessing this historic moment for Edward Seaga Highway and the friendly cooperation between our two countries. I would like to express my highest respect and sincere appreciation to the most Honourable Edward Seaga and all the Jamaican people devoted to Jamaican national development and China-Jamaica friendship."To get rich, build road first". To speed up the traffic construction is the objective needs of economic development. In my opinion, this is not only a highway for traffic, but also a highway to the happiness, success and prosperity for Jamaica. It cements a stronger bond between the two peoples of China and Jamaica.


Edward Seaga Highway is a paradigm of successful practical cooperation between China and Jamaica, and it's also the crystallization of China's capital, technology and Jamaica's incentives to FDI. Fourty-year experience of China's reform and opening up has been telling us the more favorable policies, the more FDI, the higher economic growth. I'm looking forward to more such projects benefiting all Jamaican people.


As the leading player of the bilateral investment cooperation and a leading member of the Association of Chinese Enterprises in Jamaica, China Harbor, together with other 15 major Chinese enterprises, has been doing good job in boosting the local economy and creating nearly ten thousand job opportunities. Confucius advocated that people should keep good intention towards others and never do to others what they don't want done to themselves. Mencius said,"It's much more joyful to share the joy than enjoy alone."It is the obligation of all the Chinese enterprises to operate under the law and regulation, benefit the local people as well as themselves in a integrated, supportive and eco-environment friendly manner.


Though China and Jamaica are 14,000 kilometers far away, our interests and future are interconnected. We enjoy the dual-partnership of "Belt and Road" initiative and production capacity cooperation in accordance with the principle of extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits. The journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step. Our partnership has achieved early harvest such as Edward Seaga Highway and JISCO Alpart Alumina Plant, etc. When we look down from the peak of Blue Mountain, the whole island comes into view. At the crucial period of the development of Jamaican economy and our friendly cooperation for mutual benefit, it's necessary to aim high and look far.


Yesterday, we joined hands to turn mountains into highway. Today, we are in a new starting point for larger-scale cooperation. Tomorrow, we will reap a bumper harvest. 56 years ago, Jamaican people were very proud of what you had accomplished as a nation, you will be more proud of what you have accomplished as a great nation. Let's get together with one love, one heart and one hope, to cook and share cornmeal porridge, to advance our closer partnership and greater cooperation into a new era.


Thank you.

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