Remarks by H.E. Mr. Tian Qi, Ambassador of the People's Republic of China, at the Handover Ceremony of Jamaica China Goodwill Infant Schools

Remarks by H.E. Mr. Tian Qi,

Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China

at the Handover Ceremony of Jamaica China

Goodwill Infant Schools

Ms. Naomi Francis, Master of Ceremonies

The Most Honourable Andrew Holness, Prime Minister

Senator the Honourable Ruel Reid, Minister of Education, Youth and Information

Hon. Floyd O’Brian Green, Minister of State, Ministry of Education, Youth & Information

Senators, Members of the House of Representatives,

Permanent Secretaries,

Members of the Media,

Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen, Girls and Boys, Good morning!

I am very glad to participate in today’s handover ceremony of the Jamaica China Goodwill Infant Schools which stand as the most recent shining example of fraternity and friendship between China and Jamaica.

All parents, in all societies, want their children to be educated and live free from poverty and violence. Confucius always advocated no social distinction in education. Former Jamaican Prime Minister the Most Honourable Edward Seaga once wrote “the basic function of education is to create a learned society capable of understanding and producing”.

Early childhood education is very important, as the attitude, emotion and pattern of behaviour towards the society formed during the early childhood, plays an extremely important role in the improvement on the integrated character and life quality and even the life-long sustainable development.

Children are the flowers of the motherland and future of the society. Love will never leave us alone. Girls and boys, today, Prime Minister Holness and I come to you with 2 newly-built infant schools. From now and here on, you will start your life-long education and your first step to know the society. In the future, you will be the backbone of your families, the society and shoulder the mission of inheriting and further developing China-Jamaica friendship.

Education and capacity building are important parts of the China-Jamaica cooperation. During the past 10 years, over 2000 Jamaicans have been given scholarships and training programs to study in China. This year alone, more than 300 Jamaicans have been to China for training and scholarships.

It is only by creating a solid educational foundation and providing Jamaicans with the necessary tools that will turn the enormous potential into true innovation that will lead to breakthroughs in technology, manufacturing, and eventually prosperity for all Jamaicans. This is what the Belt and Road Initiative aims for. The initiative is China’s commitment, with active participation of partner countries, to promoting mutual beneficial cooperation, common development, and a community of shared future for mankind.

Over 40 years reform and opening-up and hard work, China now stands as the second largest economy in the world and the major engine of the global economic growth. China will stay true to its founding mission of reform and opening-up, draw on successful experiences in the past 40 years and raise quality and level of opening-up and reform. The fruits of China’s opening-up and reform will benefit the general public in China and the whole world. China will certainly deliver a bigger miracle that draws worldwide attention.

We live a life we love of serving our respective nation, people, and our friendship. In a changing and competitive global economy, and limited term of public service, we must maintain the right direction, clear focus and great sense of urgency, and high efficiency. Efficiency is life, time is money. Let’s seize the hour, seize the day and work together, to build a better China-Jamaica partnership for future generations.

In concluding, my heart-felt thanks go to all who have made their contributions to the two infant schools.

Thank you!

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