Commentary: China's commitment to peaceful development benefits whole world
Commentary: China's commitment to peaceful development benefits whole world
China's commitment to peaceful development, which was highlighted at the just-concluded 18th Communist Party of China National Congress, contributes to world stability and prosperity.

Based on China's strong momentum of economic development in recent years and emphasis of national defence, Western politicians and media have speculated that China would use a more robust military for expansionist purposes or to press for regional dominance.

On the contrary, China has demonstrated that it would continue to follow the path of peaceful development and firmly pursue an independent foreign policy of peace.

There is no doubt that China needs a peaceful global environment to accelerate economic development, and the country, in its turn, will also promote world peace and prosperity.

On the one hand, against the backdrop of economic globalization and the leaps-and-bounds development of science and technology, the world has become a gigantic ship, and no country aboard can escape unscathed when it capsizes among severe political conflicts or economic storms.

As an open economy, China has built close economic ties with more than 200 countries and regions in the world, and needs products from all corners of the world.

On the other hand, an emerging China will also give a boost to world peace and prosperity.

First of all, China pursues a national defense policy that is defensive in nature.

China's armed forces have always been a staunch force in upholding world peace. More than 21,000 Chinese peacekeepers have been dispatched so far to 30 UN blue-helmet missions, the most among the five UN Security Council permanent members.

Moreover, China has always adhered to peaceful settlement in dealing with international disputes and hotspot issues, insisting that political means is the only right approach to solve regional disputes or conflicts. Take the Syria crisis for instance, China calls for immediate ceasefire and a peaceful dialogue among all parties concerned.

Regarding relations with neighboring countries, China continues to consolidate friendship, deepen mutually beneficial cooperation and seek common development with other Asian countries.

China's commitment to creating an amicable, secure and prosperous neighborhood was on full display when Premier Wen Jiabao attended the just wrapped-up summit of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and the East Asia summit in Cambodia.

Premier Wen said China values the favorable conditions of peace, stability, prosperity and development in the region.

China's sincere commitment to peaceful development, without doubt, is a big boon for the whole world.

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