Notice on Airline Boarding Requirement of certain countries for Certificate of Negative Result of Nucleic Acid Tests for Covid-19

I. According to the Announcement jointly published by Civil Aviation Administration of China, General Administration of Customs of China and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China on 20 July 2020,to ensure the health and safety of international travellers and to reduce the risk of cross-border spread of the COVID-19 epidemic, passengers departing from Jamaica for China via certain countries (updated in the link must take the nucleic acid tests for COVID-19 within three (3) days before boarding the final connecting flight to China.

With negative test certificates, passengers holding Chinese passports are required to apply for a green HS COVID-19 Prevention Health Code, while passengers holding foreign passports are required to apply for a Health Declaration Forms from the Chinese Embassy or Consulates where the tests are done.

Airlines of the above-mentioned countries will check the Code or the Form before passengers board the flight to China at the transit airport. It should also be emphasized that the HS Code and Health Declaration Forms must be valid during transit. Otherwise passengers can be barred for boarding.

II. Ways to obtain a green HS Health Code or a Health Declaration Form

(i). Chinese nationals to obtain the green Health Code

Please refer to the relevant information in Chinese version of this information note on the website of the Embassy.

(ii). Foreign nationals to obtain the Health Declaration Form

Once foreign nationals have received their certificate of negative test result, they shall fill in and sign the Health Declaration Form (please see the attachment) and send a clean scanned copy of the signed Form, together with the Nucleic Acid Test Certificate (with negative result), and a photocopy of the bio-page of the passport to the Chinese Embassy or Consulates at the email addresses post on their website with a caption "Full Name+Health Declaration Form". Certified Health Declaration Form with a validity period of 3 days starting from the date of issue of the Nucleic Acid Test Certificate (with negative result) shall be issued by the Chinese Embassy or the Consulates and sent back to the passengers by email.

Passengers must print out the certified Health Declaration Form and bring it for the inspection at the transit airport. Please make sure to complete transiting within the valid date of the Form. Passengers are advised to bring the Nucleic Acid Test Certificate (with negative result) to the airport in case of the need for further inspection.

Please also be noted that a certified Health Declaration Form is not an alternative to a Chinese visa.

III. The Chinese Embassy in Jamaica is communicating with competent authorities in Jamaica to make preparation for the implementation of the Announcement and will post information of institutions that offer COVID-19 nucleic acid testing services in Jamaica on our website when it is available. The Chinese Embassy in Jamaica reminds all passengers to pay close attention to the notices of the Embassy as well as notices of Chinese Embassies in transit countries when preparing their respective travel arrangements.


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