Jamaica Attended China-LAC Video Conference on the Prevention and Control of COVID-19

On March 24, experts on COVID-19 from China and Latin American and Caribbean countries exchanged views in a video conference. About 200 officials and experts from China, Latin American and Caribbean countries, and representatives of WHO, UNICEF, the Pan American Health Organization and the Inter-American Development Bank attended the video conference, which lasted over three hours and achieved positive results. Senior officials and experts from the Ministry of Health of Jamaica also attended.

Chinese experts talked in detail about the trajectory and features of the epidemic and Chinese experience in disease control, clinical treatment, customs administration and community-based quarantine and gave thorough answers to their foreign counterparts' questions. Going forward, China will uphold the concept of a community with a shared future for mankind and follow closely the situation in Latin American and Caribbean countries. We will do our utmost to coordinate domestic resources and enhance cooperation with these countries in light of their needs to jointly overcome the challenge posed by the virus.

Officials and experts from Latin American and Caribbean countries spoke highly of China's effective measures to contain the virus and its important contributions to global public health security. They believed this timely, professional and efficient video conference offered important guidance for their countries. They would like to draw on China's experience and maintain communication and coordination with China to defeat the pandemic together.

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