China, Vietnam and Laos Sign the Treaty on Definition of the Tri-Junction Point of the National Boundaries


On October 10, 2006, Wu Dawei, Vu Dung and Ponsavath Boupha, vice foreign ministers of China, Vietnam and Laos respectively, on behalf of each government, signed a treaty on definition of the tri-junction point of the national boundaries in Beijing. The tri-junction point of national boundaries of the three countries lies on the Shiceng Dashan Mountain. The signing of the treaty is very important for the stability and development of the boundary areas. The tri-junction point is a place "where the peoples in the three countries can hear the crow of the same cock," indicating that peoples from the three countries live in harmony. It is also a symbol of peace and tranquility in the boundary areas of the three countries.


Wu also held bilateral talks with Vu Dung and Ponsavath Boupha respectively, exchanging views with them on issues of common concern frankly.



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