Bilateral Economic and Trade Relations, Economic and Technical Cooperation

As early as on the eve of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Jamaica, the two countries had developed trade relations and already had some exchanges of trade missions. After the establishment of diplomatic relations, bilateral economic and trade ties further developed. The two sides have conducted frequent personnel exchanges for economic cooperation and bilateral trade.

Jamaica is China's biggest trading partner in English-speaking Caribbean countries. The major products China imports from Jamaica are cane sugar, aluminum and bauxite. The major products China exports are textiles, clothing and light industrial products. According to statistics of China General Administration of Customs, bilateral trade volume in 2004 totaled US$395.98 million, a 90.8% increase compared with the previous year. The Chinese export volume accounted for US$126.13 million, a 23.6% increase as compared with the previous year; and the Chinese import volume was US$269.85 million, a 155.9% increase as compared with the previous year.

On February 2-5, 2005, China and Jamaica hold in Kingston as co sponsors the first Ministerial Conference of the China-Caribbean Economic and Trade Cooperation Forum and the China-Caribbean Trade Fair.

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